20 Jan 2011

Judge jails man over behaviour in Gisborne court

7:11 pm on 20 January 2011

A judge has criticised the people of Gisborne for their lack of courtroom manners, following an outburst by a member of the public who was then jailed for contempt of court.

James Kennedy Grant who was sitting in the public gallery of the Gisborne District Court on Friday supporting a friend shouted profanities at the judge.

Judge Tony Adeane told Grant his behaviour was arrogant, angry, rude and a disrespectful defiance of the court, before sentencing him to 28 days in jail.

The judge took aim at Gisborne's bad behaviour, saying he had endured a week of cellphones ringing, obscene outbursts and people climbing over chairs.

Chief District Court Judge Russell Johnson says he will talk to Judge Adeane about his comments before deciding what steps, if any, need to be taken at the Gisborne court.