7 Feb 2011

Dunedin officers in hospital after attack

9:21 am on 7 February 2011

Three police officers are in Dunedin hospital following an incident during a routine bail inspection in the suburb of St Kilda just before midnight on Sunday.

Senior Sergeant Chris McLellan says two officers went to a property in St Kilda to check whether a man there was complying with curfew and alcohol restrictions as part of his bail conditions.

The two were attacked and injured. A third officer was hurt when he responded to their calls for help.

A female officer was thrown to the ground and hit about 30 times in the head and face. Another officer was attacked by a dog.

Three people were arrested after another eight officers responded.

The Police Association says attacks on officers are becoming the norm and the force has become too tentative in its frontline work.

President Greg O'Connor says police lack confidence and are avoiding the use of pre-emptive force.

He told Morning Report that criminals are the first people to take advantage of tentative police behaviour.

Mr O'Connor also that 46% of sworn officers in a recent survey said they had been assaulted and 21% injured.