19 Feb 2011

Police ask residents to look for murder knife

12:15 pm on 19 February 2011

Police in Wellington are asking residents in Johnsonville to check their properties for a large serrated knife they believe was used to kill Matthew Hall this week.

Mr Hall was attacked in his bed and stabbed to death in what police are calling a ferocious attack.

Detective Senior Sergeant Donna Howard says given that police have searched the scene and haven't found the knife, they want neighbours near 118 Broderick Rd to check their properties, bush areas and rubbish bins for it.

Anyone who was in Broderick Rd between midday on Monday and just after 6pm on Tuesday is urged to call 0508 BRODERICK with information, no matter how insignificant they think it is.

Ms Howard says ESR scientists have conducted their forensic examination at the scene, but police fingerprints officers and other staff will remain at the scene for several days.