24 May 2011

Tuesday's newspaper headlines

9:00 am on 24 May 2011

Developments on a recovery mission at the Pike River mine dominate the main morning newspapers.

NZ Herald

In its story on the plan to retrieve the bodies from the Pike River mine the paper has photographs and diagrams of where the worst of the damage occured, and reports on how the recovery could be attempted.

Dominion Post

The High Court is reported to have ruled that a seven-year-old boy suffering a serious terminal illness should be allowed to die in peace. The court has ruled that deciding not to carry out surgery was in accordance with good medical pracatice.

The Press

The paper devotes its entire front page to the Pike River recovery news, which came after a joint meeting between families, receivers, police and Mines Rescue at a secret location in Christchurch on Monday.

Otago Daily Times

Anna Osborne, whose husband Milton died in the Pike River mine, says the families want to bring their men out and bury them in a place of their choice.