25 May 2011

Parole could be denied again for girl's killer

3:05 pm on 25 May 2011

A man who raped and murdered an Invercargill girl may soon have his parole eligibility cut again.

Peter George Davis is serving sentences of life imprisonment and preventive detention for the 1992 crime on eight-year-old Sarah Curry.

The Curry family continues to oppose any suggestion of a prison release for Davis, 60, who psychologists say still poses a medium to high risk of sexual reoffending.

He has recently been undergoing psychological counselling.

However, a long waiting list has kept Davis from returning for follow-up treatment at the child sex offenders unit, Te Piriti, which is a pre-requisite for him getting parole.

The Parole Board says it recognises the reality of the situation.

Davis is to appear before the board again in August when it will decide whether to enforce a parole stand-down of up to three years.