30 Jul 2009

Man missing 29 years: NZer sought as witness

9:46 pm on 30 July 2009

Sydney police are looking for a New Zealand man who worked with an Australian who has been missing for 29 years.

Marcus Wayne Allcorn was last seen at the Imperial Hotel in Paddington, Sydney, where he was a trainee manager, on 29 January 1980 - his 21st birthday.

A big birthday celebration had been planned for him at the hotel that evening, but he failed to show up.

The police believe he met with foul play.

Just this week, forensic examiners returned to the Imperial Hotel to examine traces of blood with "scientific processes" that were not available at the time of Mr Allcorn's disappearance.

Now detectives are keen to speak to New Zealander John Brown, who was working at the hotel with Mr Allcorn at the time. The police say he's being sought as a witness in the matter.