17 Jul 2011

Food-borne illness cases down - MAF

12:06 pm on 17 July 2011

The Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry says it's on track to meet its target of reducing illness caused by major foodborne diseases.

The Food Safety Authority, which is now part of MAF, aims to reduce campylobacter infections by 50% and salmonella infections by 30%, by 2012.

Principal Public Health Adviser Donald Campbell says there were 3957 foodborne campylobacter infections in 2010, down from 8652 in 2006.

Dr Campbell says New Zealand once had the highest reported rate of campylobacter infections in the world. He attributes the drop to a joint effort by the Government and the poultry industry.

He says estimates of foodborne salmonella infections are also declining, from 658 in 2006 to 557 in 2010.