22 Nov 2011

Students could have died after taking mystery pills, says doctor

6:02 pm on 22 November 2011

A doctor says six Hamilton school students admitted to hospital on Monday after taking pills, could have died.

The Fairfield College girls, three aged 13, two 14 and one 15, were admitted to Waikato Hospital at about 1.30pm by two staff members from Fairfield College.

An Accident and Eemergency doctor says the girls could have died after taking the pills without knowing what they contained. It's still not known what were in them.

Tonia Nicholson says stimulants can cause anything from discomfort, to intra-cerebral bleeding.

Waikato District Health Board spokesperson Mary Anne Gill, told Morning Report that urine samples suggested the students had taken a substance of some kind.

She said they were noisy and sometimes aggressive and security guards had to supervise them in the emergency department.

The pupils were discharged from hospital at about 5pm on Monday.

Fairfield College board chair Jonas Hapuku says the drugs were brought into the school by a student.

He said it was not known yet whether the pills were ecstasy, but they were believed to be party pills.

Hr Hapuku said Fairfield does not tolerate drugs in school and the police are investigating.

He said the girls have been asked to stay away from school until at least the end of the week.