15 Jul 2008

Abduction case: child still missing

8:04 am on 15 July 2008

A child is still missing after being abducted outside her home in Albany, on the North Shore of Auckland.

Police say Cina Ma, aged five years, was abducted at about 12.30pm on Monday, while playing on her bicycle with her cousin outside her home in Corricvale Way in Albany.

Police say she was bundled into a silver car by a man wearing a mask.

They say the cousin, aged six, is so far the only witness to the incident.

In a statement issued on Tuesday morning, the police say their number one priority is getting the little girl back.

They have concerns for her safety, but are keeping details of their inquiry quiet.

Airport authorities have been alerted in case someone tries to leave the country with her.

Neighbour Michelle Danneels says the girl lives with her mother, aunt and younger sister and her grandparents and extended family members live just down the street.

Police have interviewed the girl's cousin, as well as her parents.

Investigations are continuing into any background connections the family may have that could have prompted the abduction.

Police are appealing for any sightings of a silver vehicle.