19 Jul 2008

Boy savaged by hunting dogs back on his feet

1:09 pm on 19 July 2008

A 13-year-old boy severely injured after being attacked by four hunting dogs says he walked for the first time on Friday, since the attack four days ago.

The boy suffered more than 100 wounds to his arms, legs and buttocks after the Pitbull-Greyhound-cross dogs attacked him while he was riding his bike on Monday evening.

Surgeon Fiona Neary says the boy required six hours of surgery. Dr Neary says the bites are some of the worst she has seen.

She says the main damage was done to his left bicep muscle, which, once healed, will need extensive physiotherapy.

Police in Morrinsville say an investigation into the incident will take some days, after which a decision will be made on whether to charge the dogs' owner.

The boy has released a statement saying he just wants to get better and to maintain his privacy.

The boy received more than one hundred bites and has had more than 300-stitches.

He says he walked for the first time on Friday and is feeling more comfortable than he has since the attack.

He says he's not scared of dogs as he has a dog at home.