19 Jul 2008

Double homicide investigation after Auckland standoff

9:16 pm on 19 July 2008

The police investigating a double homicide in Auckland believe it was probably a domestic-related incident.

Police found two bodies, one a male, on the first floor of an apartment block in Vogel Lane just after 10.30 on Saturday morning. A man was on the balcony of the 11th floor carrying a large knife.

A specialist police team spent nearly 2½ hours negotiating with the man, a 30-year-old Iraqi national, who the police say was threatening to harm himself and others.

Detective Senior Sergeant Simon Scott says it is not known what sparked the man's actions. He says the incident was resolved without force.

"I think this is probably domestic-related. It is a sad case of that nature and we are not looking for anyone else," he says.

Mr Scott says the 30-year-old has been charged with possession of an offensive weapon, and further charges are likely.

A post-mortem on the bodies of the two victims is due to be carried out on Sunday.

A resident of the apartment block, who didn't want to be named, says there was a lot of noise in the apartment next to his, on the 11th floor. He says he heard two bangs about 10.30am and then heard a female crying.