3 Feb 2012

Teenage poverty campaigner heads to Waitangi

2:54 pm on 3 February 2012

A Whangarei schoolgirl campaigning against child poverty is heading for Waitangi this weekend to seek support.

Jazmine Heka, 16, wants the Government to introduce free school lunches; free healthcare for children; and a warrant of fitness requirement for all rental houses.

Miss Heka says she's been getting up to 600 signatures a week for her petition just by going to the Whangarei farmers' market each week.

But she is aiming to gather thousands more from the crowds at Waitangi, on what will be her first visit there.

She says she also hopes to approach politicians at Waitangi for their support.

The teenager began her petition after watching Bryan Bruce's television documentary about child poverty last November, and asking her mother what she could do to help.