17 Mar 2017

RNZ's top podcasts: Don't bots it, uce!

7:53 pm on 17 March 2017

Donald Trump doesn't want to release his tax returns, but that's OK because here are some things we have no problem releasing - our must-listens from the RNZ podcast world.

Here are our best picks of the week.

Fathom - Sex, work, love, marriage

Presenting our flashy brand new series Fathom, which peers into the intimate lives of those with a story to tell, and asks the important and saucy questions. In the first episode, Nik Jarvie-Waldrom meets Megan, studying for her PhD while balancing a career in the sex industry and a long-term relationship with her partner, Bernie.

Voice of the Iceberg 3: Adventure

Everyone knows an iceberg when they see one. It's big and white and can bring down an unsinkable ship. But would you recognise one if it spoke? What would it have to say? The third part in this breath-taking series by Alison Ballance continues the journey of a band of filmmakers and photographers into the heart of the Antarctic, to record audio and photographs of icebergs, and then project them onto landmarks around the world.

Our Changing World - Breaking Babel

Are high school students in South Auckland changing the way the country speaks? One linguist says young people in Auckland's ethnic melting pot are driving language change at a remarkable speed, and she's trying to find out how we will all be speaking in the future as a result. Mohamed Hassan investigates the speech patterns, slang and turns of phrases snuggling into the way New Zealand talks. Don't bots it, uce!

Eyewitness - 'If You Were Twenty, You Were Old'

The world of athletics is brutal. It asks young sportspeople to abandon their lives in search of ultimate perfection, and throws them into crushing competition with thousands desperately trying to edge them out and reach glory. But how young is too young? Justin Gregory meets Rebecca Perrott, who competed as a swimmer in the 1974 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch. She was only 12 years old at the time.

Voices - The Great Indian Carnival

What happens when the wild sounds, smells and characters of a village carnival in small town India crashes into Auckland suburbia? Veteran theatre company Prayas is going to find out as they bring their audience-interactive show Samaroh to the South Asian capital of New Zealand - Sandringham. Join Mohamed Hassan as he walks into an immersive world full of dancers, storytellers, merchants and matchmakers trying to entice the audience into their world.

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