6 Jun 2017

RNZ's top podcasts: Solving the world's ills

2:08 pm on 6 June 2017

With a long weekend kicking off and the weather looking patchy in places, now's the time to put your mind at rest about all those things weighing heavy on your mind. Like volcanic eruptions, vaccinations, failing antibiotics… and whether coconut oil is really that good for you and the Lions may just win a test.

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Healthy or Hoax - Episode 1: Coconut oil

This week's RNZ podcasts cover all those bases and more. With science. Y'know, actual facts.

Healthy or Hoax is a new series hosted by Carol Hirschfeld that looks at the newfangled fads in food, fitness and leisure to figure out what works and what doesn't. The first episode looks at coconut oil and whether it lives up to the claims, which include being able to prevent Alzheimer's and some cancers, as well as help you lose weight. Carol talks to the experts, while Kate Pereyra-Garcia puts herself through an entirely unscientific experiment consuming the stuff for weeks on end.

The looming crisis of anti-microbial resistance

It's probably not much of a spoiler to reveal that going without coconut oil isn't likely to have any lasting effects on your health. But the rise of anti-microbial resistance might. Our Changing World covers a recent report that reveals New Zealand has relatively low levels of resistance… for now. But just like future patients without the antibiotics we take for granted, we are not immune. Find out what we can do to fight back. And what it means for our livestock.

Volcanic eruptions and the Ash Lab

Our Changing World also visits the Ash Lab at Canterbury University. The scientists there are trying to figure out the impact volcanic eruptions have on infrastructure. Which kinds of ash do the most damage? And, if you were just worried about earthquakes, you might want to find out what we need to do to prepare for the ash that comes when the mountains rumble.

Go Ahead Caller

Vaccinations? Yep, they've been tearing the country apart in recent days despite what the science says. So of course your favourite pretend talkback host has plenty to say about it all. Ken Oath weighs in, with a guest appearance by none other than Bob Jones.

Extra Time

And yes, the Lions are in town, with the Barmy Army in tow. The gang at Extra Time, New Zealand's longest running - and best - sports podcast also have plenty to say about that… with guest appearances by none other than Lions great JJ Williams, All Blacks coach Mike Hesson and Silver Fern Anna Harrison.

See, with all those podcasts to enjoy, there's nothing to worry about. Just keep calm and tune in.

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