5 Mar 2012

Govt urged to implement all Green recommendations

8:07 am on 5 March 2012

Labour says the Government needs to implement all of the recommendations in a environmental report by a Government advisory group's to earn any credibility.

Economic development spokesperson David Cunliffe says the Government has so far shown interest in acting only on recommendations in the Green Growth report that lift economic growth.

He says the sustainable business community is concerned that National is not taking environmental issues seriously enough.

Mr Cunliffe says the report avoids addressing tough issues such as climate change and mining.

Industry comment

Straterra, a mineral industry group, hopes the report will encourage further public debate on what resources should be mined and how.

Senior policy analyst Bernie Napp says the report is accurate in identifying petroleum and minerals as important to green growth.

He says mining is essential to sustainable growth but is often misunderstood.

Mr Napp says New Zealand needs to make a decision about whether it produces minerals, or imports them.