15 May 2012

Welfare working group head brought back to oversee reforms

7:26 pm on 15 May 2012

The woman who headed the Welfare Working Group has been brought back by the Government to oversee its welfare reforms.

Paula Rebstock has been named as the chairperson of the new Work and Income Board, which will advise the Ministry of Social Development on the implementation of changes to the welfare system.

The changes are based on the Welfare Working Group's recommendations and Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says Ms Rebstock's appointment will provide consistency.

Ms Bennett says she has great knowledge of the welfare system through her time entrenched in the working group and her appointment brings that knowledge through.

Ms Bennett says Ms Rebstock is also a very experienced and competent chairperson.

Funding of $1.1 million has been set aside for the six-member board over the next four years.

Before chairing the group Ms Rebstock was the chair of the Commerce Commission.

The Labour Party, however, questions the need for a new board to oversee the Government's welfare reforms.

Labour's social development spokesperson Jacinda Ardern says it is unclear what the board will do.