18 Oct 2012

Minister defends swathe of ACC pay rises

7:45 pm on 18 October 2012

The Associate ACC Minister is defending a substantial number of pay rises for ACC staff members earning more than $100,000.

That includes the top salary going up from between $670,000 and $680,000 to more than $750,000.

Altogether, 330 staff are being paid above $100,000 - 51 more than in the last financial year.

This comes at a time during which ACC has been accused of unfairly denying support to some claimants.

The minister, Craig Foss, says the increases would have predated the negative publicity relating to ACC's handling of claims and privacy breaches.

He says the rises are not surprising, and he's confident they won't further damage public trust in the corporation.

Labour's ACC spokesperson, Andrew Little, says it's not the time to be awarding salary rises when the corporation is performing badly.

He says he's concerned about increases for those in middle management, who are responsible for claimant files where the corporation's performance has been questionable.