27 Jan 2013

Greens co-leader delivers state of the planet speech

5:03 pm on 27 January 2013

Green Party co-leader, Metiria Turei, delivered her party's state of the planet speech in Auckland on Sunday.

She says the party's first priority in 2013 is to stop asset sales, but it will also continue its campaign to get the CBD rail link in Auckland built and for the survival of the country's public schools.

Mrs Turei told the crowd the Government will try to fight next year's election with fear and with money, and it will scaremonger about the Green Party.

She says what her party lacks in money, it will make up for in passion and action.

The Green Party also launched a campaign aimed at those disillusioned with the Government's direction.

The 'I'm in for the future' campaign was unveiled during the party's speech.

The Greens say those who join will be involved in campaigns to stop the partial sale of state-owned assets and end poverty.

Mrs Turei hopes the campaigns will put more pressure on the Government to change its path.

She says the campaign provides a way for politically-minded people, who don't want to join a party, to get involved in politics.