29 Jan 2013

Shearer forced to defend housing policy

5:41 pm on 29 January 2013

Labour leader David Shearer has been forced to defend his party's housing policy after the Prime Minister accused him of having no idea what a house in Auckland would cost.

John Key says you can already buy a $300,000 one-bedroom apartment in Auckland - but not much else.

Under Labour's KiwiBuild policy which Mr Shearer announced at its annual conference in November last year, the party is promising to build 100,000 affordable homes in the city over 10 years.

Mr Shearer says houses can be built for $300,000.

Mr Key is scathing about the policy, saying it can't be done.

But Mr Shearer says construction companies have assured him they can build houses cheaper if they are building more of them.

These include a mixture of apartments, terraced houses and some stand-alone homes, he says.