29 Mar 2013

NZ First MP gives up local body role

12:21 pm on 29 March 2013

New Zealand First MP Tracey Martin is giving up her role as a local body politician to focus on Parliament.

Ms Martin said she would not seek re-election in October to her role as a member of Auckland Council's local board for Rodney.

She had been elected to the board, a year before entering Parliament in 2011 as No 2 New Zealand First's party list.

Ms Martin said she made the decision in order to protect New Zealand First in the 2014 general election from any accusations that she is double-dipping.

The local body role carried a $33,000 salary, but Ms Martin says it required much more work than the estimated 10 hours a week.

She said the roles fitted together well and will be sad to give up the local board.