8 Jul 2013

United Future submitting application for party status

7:02 pm on 8 July 2013

The Electoral Commission says it received United Future's application for party registration on Monday and will now carry out the necessary checks.

Peter Dunne.

Peter Dunne. Photo: RNZ

United Future lost its status as a party for parliamentary purposes, and the funding that goes with that, after it was de-registered at the end of May.

It could not declare it had 500 members - the threshold that must be reached for a party to qualify for parliamentary funding.

It lodged an application to re-register last month but the commission would not accept an electronic spreadsheet of member details.

Now that the party has submitted the required paperwork, the commission says it will check the membership details.

There's also a public consultation period, so the process could take up to eight weeks.

United Future's leader Peter Dunne says volunteers collected more than 500 signed declarations from members on the party database to present to the commission.

He says it took just 19 days to collect the declarations, which he says is a remarkable achievement by volunteers.

Mr Dunne says it's ridiculous that the commission expects to take as long as six to eight weeks to check a sample of those names.