24 Sep 2013

More pokies' money to return to communities

4:14 pm on 24 September 2013

Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain says more money from poker machines in pubs will be returned to local communities in the future.

The Government has released a discussion document on poker machine reform and is asking for public submissions during the next month.

The proposals relate to non-casino gaming machines and include increasing the minimum rate of return to the community.

"There's some societies out there actually 100% of their funds right now go back into their communities of interest. That's great. But we want to be clear that at least in that range of 60 to 80% is going back into communities of interest."

Mr Tremain says the public want a fairer and more transparent system and the changes will address that.

He says the reforms follow on from the passing of gambling harm reduction legislation earlier this year.