30 Oct 2013

Asset sale not share price the issue, says Labour

9:07 am on 30 October 2013

The Labour Party says most New Zealanders are still more upset about the sale of a state asset than the price Meridian Energy shares are trading at.

The country's largest power company ended its first day of trading on the stock exchange on Tuesday up 8 cents from its opening price.

The Government is selling 49% of Meridian Energy's shares in two instalments, the first priced at $1, and another 50 cents due in 18 months time. The first instalment began trading at $1.08 and ended on Tuesday at the same price.

The Government says it will eventually receive $1.88 billion for the stake in the company.

Labour's state-owned enterprises spokesperson Clayton Cosgrove says the 99% of people who did not buy Meridian shares are disappointed.

He says they are upset by the state asset's fire sale price and that the government got $1 billion less that it could have because it was hell-bent on selling.