10 Dec 2013

Little progress tipped at TPP talks - leaked papers

9:43 am on 10 December 2013

Leaked papers say Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations being held in Singapore are unlikely to make much progress, because of significant differences remaining between the 12 countries.

The papers, released by Wikileaks, show that New Zealand, among a number of countries, has so far rejected many of the proposals being pushed by the United States.

Trade Minister Tim Groser is at the meeting.

The leaked papers show New Zealand has real concerns about a number of proposals, particularly those relating to medicines.

The papers also note that there had been great pressure from the United States to reach agreement on as many issues as possible at a meeting last month in Salt Lake City.

Executive director of the New Zealand International Business Forum Stephen Jacobi told Morning Report the leaks show how complex negotiations are and with high stakes.

He says New Zealand's negotiators are working hard to get an agreement in the country's best interest.