1 Feb 2014

Horan 'welcomes' police inquiry

7:30 am on 1 February 2014

Independent MP Brendan Horan says new allegations he stole money from his late mother's estate are rubbish and he would welcome any police investigation.

Brendan Horan.

Brendan Horan. Photo: RNZ

Mr Horan's brother Mana Ormsby is to lay a complaint with the police, alleging Mr Horan spent their mother's money without her knowledge before she died.

The MP, who was expelled from New Zealand First after a similar allegation in 2012, said his brother was being manipulated to make the complaint and it's a load of rubbish.

"It's just the same ridiculous allegations from the same people and they're being manipulated politically. It's complete and utter garbage and the people of New Zealand realise this.

Police could not on Friday confirm whether the complaint from Mr Ormsby had been received by the officer handling the case.

However, they said they have spoken to a number of people, as they assess whether a referral from the Serious Fraud Offfice should be formally investigated.

Mr Horan on Twitter said he would welcome any investigation as soon as possible as that would only help him to clear his name.

Last month, the executor of Olwen Horan's estate, John Buckthought, said he had found no evidence enabling any claim about the MP.