15 Nov 2014

Support for tax crackdown - English

7:38 am on 15 November 2014

Finance Minister Bill English is confident the world's largest economies will take action to stop multi-national companies avoiding paying their fair share of tax.

Finance Minister Bill English releasing the Government financial statements.

Finance Minister Bill English is among leaders gathered for this weekend's G20 Leaders' Summit in Brisbane. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

One of the issues which leaders at the G20 Leaders' Summit in Brisbane will discuss this weekend is how to clamp down on companies using tax havens to avoid payments.

Mr English, who is in Brisbane for the meeting, said there was momentum to do something.

"It's going on relatively quietly below the public radar because it's not really controversial but there are going to be quite big steps in my view towards making sure these multi-national corporations pay their fair share."

Mr English said other matters being considered by the G20 were much more difficult to resolve.

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