15 Nov 2014

United Future result 'embarrassing'

9:02 pm on 15 November 2014

United Future leader Peter Dunne, says the party vote in the last election was downright embarrassing.

Peter Dunne

Peter Dunne Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Mr Dunne told the party's board meeting today that it needed to go back to basics and focus on its core principles to regain voters' trust and support.

He said the party had been seriously aiming to gain a second MP into Parliament, but fell well short of that target with only 0.2 percent of the party vote.

Mr Dunne said United Future had a raft of well-developed and innovative policies but failed to sell them to voters or show how the issues it was concerned about really mattered.

"Our result was disappointing last election and very embarrassing, we didn't have very strong resource base in terms of candidates or finances and I think that also frankly we didn't give people sufficient reason to vote for us.

"They quite like our policies, they quite liked what we stood for but didn't really see that as all that important to them in terms their lives."

Mr Dunne said party membership was still healthy and had been growing since the election.

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