9 Sep 2008

Another National Party policy leaked by Mallard

11:06 am on 9 September 2008

Labour Cabinet minister Trevor Mallard has issued another leaked National Party policy - the third in a week.

Last week, Mr Mallard issued National's environment and conservation policies. On Tuesday he did the same with its research, science and technology policy.

He says National Party leader John Key should be embarrassed and very worried about the "shambolic show" he is running.

The research, science and technology policy issued by Mr Mallard includes scrapping the Government's fast forward fund for primary sector research.

In its place, National proposes an international centre of research dedicated to reducing on-farm greenhouse gas emissions, and increased funding for research in the primary and food sectors.

Mr Key insists no-one from his party is leaking policy, but says someone left a folder containing several documents lying around Parliament and he expects more of the party's policies will be released by Labour.

Mr Mallard says he did not find the policies in a cafe.