30 Jul 2015

Craig won't silence me - Stringer

8:56 am on 30 July 2015

One of the men at the centre of a defamation claim by the former leader of the Conservative Party Colin Craig says he won't back down.

Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig.

Colin Craig Photo: SUPPLIED

Mr Craig said he had been subjected to a co-ordinated political attack and his political reputation had been smeared with false allegations of sexual harrassment and payoffs.

He said he had been defamed and was seeking damages of $300,000 from right-wing lobbyist Jordan Williams, $600,000 from former party board member John Stringer and $650,000 from blogger Cameron Slater.

Mr Craig has previously admitted there was some inappropriate conduct between himself and his former press secretary Rachel MacGregor, who quit before last year's elections, but denied it was sexual harassment.

John Stringer said the legal action was an attempt by Mr Craig to silence his critics with legal action and he would not be bullied.

"I've only ever discussed the issues that he's brought up and admitted in public," said Mr Stringer.

"I'm not going to be silenced - I'm one of the few people prepared to stand up to him and hold him to account."

Mr Stringer said others would have his back if Mr Craig's threat to sue eventuated.

"Some well-known New Zealanders offered me several months ago that if Colin Craig does sue me, because this is what he does ... that they would be happy to crowd-source.

"I think there will be a lot of support coming through to pay for the legal fees."

Lobbyist Jordan Williams said he was not concerned about Mr Craig's threatened legal action.

Blogger Cameron Slater would not talk to Radio New Zealand but has described Mr Craig's threat to sue as laughable.

At the press conference announcing the legal action Mr Craig's wife, Helen, backed her husband. "This is about who you can trust and you can trust my husband - he is a good and trustworthy man," she said.

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