10 Dec 2008

Ministers at odds over ETS review

8:51 pm on 10 December 2008

The Government's promised review of the Emissions Trading Scheme looks set for trouble with two key politicians at odds over whether it will include a debate over the science of climate change.

Committee chairperson Peter Dunne told Checkpoint on Monday that the review would not revisit arguments over the existence of global warming, even though that is what the ACT Party wanted as part of its coalition deal with National.

The terms of reference for the review have since revealed the select committee will consider scientific uncertainties over what climate change may bring.

ACT leader Rodny Hide is claiming a victory, but Mr Dunne, the leader of United Future, disagrees with Mr Hide's interpretation of the committee's work.

Mr Dunne told Checkpoint on Wednesday it will not be the function of the committee to re-examine all evidence about whether or not climate change is occurring.

He says it is more a question of what the issues and risks that arise from climate change are, and what New Zealand's response should be.

Prime Minister John Key says he wants the committee to have considered its work and taken submissions in time for legislation to be passed by the end of September 2009.

He says the core framework of a scheme is in place, and he believes the timeframe is achievable.