16 Aug 2016

MP defends lost luggage bill in Parliament

7:41 pm on 16 August 2016

Backbench National MP Nuk Korako has defended his lost luggage bill in Parliament after a barrage of questions from Labour MPs.

Tutehounuku Korako

National MP Nuk Korako says his lost luggage bill is no laughing matter. Photo: SUPPLIED / National Party

Mr Korako had his member's bill drawn out of the ballot last week.

The bill, which aims to modernise the way airports advertise lost luggage, has been roundly mocked, while other MPs have grumbled it is a waste of time.

But Mr Korako said it was no laughing matter, and explained to the house today why the bill was so important.

"The current requirements for this advertising lost property sales are archaic, prescriptive and not fit for purpose, and that is what this bill will fix."

The government tried to hasten the bill by passing it through to its third reading without debate, but that was blocked by New Zealand First.