2 Sep 2009

Bolger and Reeves top travel spenders

10:15 pm on 2 September 2009

Jim Bolger tops the list of spending on domestic travel by former Prime Ministers and Governors-General for 2008.

Figures for taxpayer funded domestic travel were obtained by the New Zealand Press Association.

The agency says Mr Bolger was the highest spending former prime minister, incurring just over $27,000 on chaffeur driven cars, $5500 on self-drive cars and $3400 on domestic airfares.

Sir Paul Reeves was highest-spending former Governor-General, with just over $28,000 in expenses.

Dame Cath Tizard spent $14,000 on chauffeur driven cars and $2700 on airfares.

Former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer spent $26,000, including $14,000 on chauffeur driven cars and $10,000 on domestic air travel.

Sir Geoffrey told NZPA he has used the VIP services concession for his work as Law Commission President, as approved by the Auditor-General, but never for private work.