16 Dec 2009

Labour against third super-city bill

8:33 am on 16 December 2009

The Labour Party says the Government's third and final super-city bill has done little to quell the concerns of Aucklanders and fails to address key questions.

Parliament passed the bill on Tuesday by 64 votes to 57, with National, ACT and United Future voting in favour.

The first two bills outlined the framework for the new structure and this one gives technical details of interim arrangements and the transition to the new council.

Labour MP Phil Twyford says it does not clarify the powers of local boards and the supercity boundaries are a complete mess.

But Local Government Minister Rodney Hide insists the necessary detail is there.

The bill will now go to a select committee, which must report back to the house by May next year. Mr Hide says he welcomes the public's input.