26 Jan 2010

Labour says it won't hold back on race issues

6:52 pm on 26 January 2010

The Labour Party says it will not be afraid to tackle sensitive issues such as race relations.

MPs took part in a caucus meeting in Auckland on Tuesday to plot the party's course for this year and to re-elect its leadership.

Last year, Labour leader Phil Goff accused the National Party of doing what he called shabby deals with the Maori Party, which he said could cause racial division among New Zealanders.

There was some disquiet within Labour about that approach. At the time, the matter was discussed by the wider caucus.

Ahead of the meeting in Auckland on Tuesday, Mr Goff said he will not hold back from tackling such issues in the future.

He says any more dodgy political deals, or racist outbursts by MPs, will be challenged by Labour.

Meanwhile, Mr Goff and his deputy Annette King were re-elected, with no other nominations put forward.