27 Jul 2010

Source of mining, state sector leaks remain a mystery

12:44 pm on 27 July 2010

It appears the Government has been unable to find the source of two high-profile leaks of Cabinet papers despite a four-month long investigation.

The State Services Commission is close to completing its report into the leaking of details of the Government's mining proposals in March and of planned state sector mergers.

Prime Minister John Key says he has yet to see the final report but, as far as he knows, the sources have not been identified.

Mr Key says Cabinet papers are widely distributed within the public service and the Government has to rely on the neutrality of the public service. The vast bulk of public servants act without political bias, but there can always be one or two people that do not.

At one point during the Budget process, hundreds of people had access to parts of the tax package, he says.