2 Jun 2013

Cr critical of payrise for Christchurch chief executive

5:46 am on 2 June 2013

Christchurch City Council chief executive Tony Marryatt is being criticised over a proposed pay rise.

The increase would come as part of a recommended 50% increase for directors of the insurance company, Civic Assurance, which Mr Marryatt chairs.

The company is owned by district, city and regional councils around the country.

Mr Marryatt paid back part of a 14% pay rise he received from the council in 2011.

Councillor Helen Broughton, who chairs the council's corporate and financial committee, said the latest pay rise would also be inappropriate.

She said councillors have not had a pay rise despite the extra workload brought on by the earthquakes and neither should Mr Marryatt.

Cr Broughton wants Mr Marryatt to answer questions about the pay rise when her committee meets again next week.