19 Feb 2015

Student arrests at Waikato school

6:14 pm on 19 February 2015

The Principal of Te Awamutu College has rejected suggestions on social media that police used tough measures in the arrest of four students at the Waikato school.

A 14-year-old student at Te Awamutu College was arrested after resisting police and damaging a patrol car as officers were trying to remove him from the school yesterday.

The police said several other students got involved and tried to obstruct two officers during the incident yesterday.

Three students were arrested for obstruction.

Senior Sergeant Stephen Ambler said the police were called to the school after the boy became agitated and had damaged the wall of a building.

"Whilst we were dealing with this young man he jumped the fence and started damaging a police car.

"He was subsequently arrested. At the time it was school recess so a number of other students became involved, left the school grounds, and obstructed police in their arrest of the young 14-year-old."

Mr Ambler said no one was injured and the students were being dealt with by Youth Aid.

The Principal Tony Membery said rumour-mongering being perpetuated on social media was not helping and was inaccurate.

"No one was tasered. There were no dogs. So stick to the facts. No students were injured, no police officers were injured.

"But it was a serious incident and one that the students took part in will have their regrets," he said.

Mr Membery said four students would be dealt with under the school's disciplinary process.