3 Mar 2015

Man caught in truck critical

8:09 pm on 3 March 2015

The recycling truck driver injured when he became trapped in a hydraulic bin lifter remains in a critical condition in Wellington Hospital.



The Fire Service described the man's injuries as substantial.

Envirowaste's managing director, Gary Saunders, says he understands he's out of surgery and is unconscious in the intensive care unit.

It's not yet clear how the driver managed to get stuck in the machinery on a Thorndon street this morning.

The company said they are mystified as to how the driver got stuck in the hydraulics of the glass recycling truck, but would not be taking their trucks off the road.

They do not believe the incident was caused by a mechanical fault.

Mr Saunders said he did not know how a worker could become stuck in the vehicle's hydraulics.

He said the trucks had been used for years without incident and while it was considered, the company would not be taking its trucks off the road.

"At this stage we don't believe it's a mechanical issue, we don't see the need to take the trucks off.

"We will check them out but until we can find out exactly what has happened it would be premature to take them off the road. We've had those trucks working for three to four years both in Wellington and Dunedin and never had an issue like this."

Mr Saunders said the truck involved in the incident had been impounded by WorkSafe and the Police.