6 Mar 2015

Call for feedback on Victoria Square makeover

12:47 pm on 6 March 2015

People in Christchurch are being asked for their feedback on a plan to give Victoria Square a multi-million dollar makeover.

The centrally located square escaped the 2011 earthquakes largely untouched.

Plans by the Government for a $7 million revamp met with local opposition, with some city councillors questioning why the change is needed.

Associate Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Nicky Wagner said there were some challenges, such as repairing heritage features like the Bowker Fountain and improving safety.

The public can leave feedback for six months.

A final plan for Victoria Square is to be presented in September.

Plan to temporarily save cathedral

A local engineer has come up with a plan to temporarily save Christchurch's Cathedral.

The Cathedral was badly damaged in the earthquakes and the Anglican Church is pressing ahead with plans to demolish it.

Mechanical engineer, Geoffery Rathbun has proposed an idea to the Church to help preserve the cathedral, by covering its exposed west side with a structure he has designed.

Mr Rathbun said it would cost $60,000.

He said he would provide $12,000 of that, and the rest could come from community fundraising.

Mr Rathburn said protecting the Cathedral was very important to the public.

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