1 Apr 2015

Fuel thief sentenced to home detention

6:43 pm on 1 April 2015

A man who stole 30,000 litres of fuel and sold it at his Dunedin service station has been sentenced to 18 months' home detention.

Mohammed Hussain

Mohammed Hussain Photo: RNZ / Ian Telfer

Mohammed Rizwan Hussain, who is 26, pleaded guilty last September to stealing $77,000 worth of petrol and diesel from two competitors by using maintenance bypass codes on the fuel pumps.

Hussain stole 45 times and resold the fuel at Sawyer Bay Motors, which he owned and his brother-in-law managed.

At his sentencing in the Dunedin District Court this afternoon, Judge Kevin Phillips called Hussain's theft blatantly pre-meditated, repeated and serious, and said he seemed not to show any remorse.

However, the judge said he took into account that Hussain had no previous convictions, had pleaded guilty on the first day of his trial and had paid back the full amount stolen from one victim.