13 Apr 2015

Larnach tomb to open in Dunedin

4:24 pm on 13 April 2015

Larnach's tomb in Dunedin will soon be open for specialist groups to visit.

William Larnach's tomb

William Larnach's tomb Photo: CC Grutness

The Southern Heritage Trust wants its members and other heritage groups to have access to the tomb built by William Larnach in 1881 as a memorial to his first wife.

Larnach was a prominent New Zealand businessman and politician who lived in Dunedin in the 19th century.

The tomb was built as a miniature replica of Robert Lawson's First Church. Larnarch, who built Larnach Castle, is also buried there.

The tomb was restored in 2011 but concerns have been raised that allowing access would expose it to greater risk of vandalism.

However, a council spokesperson, Mick Reece, said the site would not be opened up for commercial exploitation.

He said the trust, a not-for-profit organisation, deserved access, as it had put a lot of work into the site.