30 Apr 2015

Whangarei farmer banned from owning stock

12:42 pm on 30 April 2015

An elderly Whangarei farmer convicted of neglecting his animals has been fined $7500 and disqualified from owning stock for 20 years.

Lester Donald Rueben Johnstone, 82, appeared in the Whangarei District Court earlier this month on animal welfare charges

The charges followed two calves starving to death, one being put down and three having to be removed from his farm.

MPI staff had told Johnstone to organise feed for a mob of skinny calves after a complaint by a member of the public but he ignored all warnings.

The court heard that Johnstone had also been disqualified from owning or managing stock for two years in 1997 after similar charges.

On top of the fine, he also been ordered to pay $2400 in veterinary and court costs.