4 May 2015

Porky pig pins would-be saviour

2:22 pm on 4 May 2015

A woman pinned in her car by a pig she tried to rescue from a Dunedin motorway found herself pondering a possible undignified death.

Kunekune pig

Photo: 123RF

The woman told Radio New Zealand she was on her way home when she came across an extremely big Kunekune pig in the middle of the road and got out to move it off the road.

But things turned sour when it started biting her leg. She tried to get back into her car but the 150kg pig followed her and hopped on to her lap, pinning her in her seat.

"It hasn't really hurt me but I think it would have done had I just lain there and continued to just look like food," she told Checkpoint.

"It's not like being in an earthquake or a plane crash or anything but it was quite frightening at the time.

"I did think 'what an undignified way to go, to be eaten by a pig'."

Fortunately a passer-by came to the rescue, pulling the pig out of the car and putting it in a nearby paddock.