11 May 2015

Teacher masturbated in class - judge

4:16 pm on 11 May 2015

A judge has found an Auckland teacher masturbated in a classroom during school hours.

The Auckland District Court had been told the man admitted he looked at porn on his school-issued laptop but denied he was masturbating.

However, Judge Ann Kiernan today found the man had masturbated in class and said the student who reported the matter had no motive to make up a story.

"I find the student complainant to be an honest and truthful witness, understandably a little nervous at giving evidence.

"It was clear he had no motive to invent a story about a respected teacher."

Judge Kiernan must now decide whether or not the man's act was in a public place, and will rule on that on 22 May.

Both the man's identity and the name of the school have been suppressed.