11 Jun 2015

'They were lucky all round really'

5:20 pm on 11 June 2015

Residents at a Blenheim rest home had their breakfast interrupted this morning by a car that crashed into their dining area.

Aberleigh rest home has 25 residents in its care.

Aberleigh Rest Home in Blenheim is home to 25 residents. Photo: Supplied

Sergeant Graham Single said a woman driving away with her two young grandchildren in the car accidentally reversed the vehicle, and went through the side of the building.

"She has got into her car and for whatever reason the car started to rev fairly strongly, and she's reversed up and gone through the side of the rest home building."

Sergeant Single said the car travelled probably 15 to 20 metres before it went up over the garden outside the building and through the side of a brick wall in the building next to a large window.

"It's taken out the window and gone entirely through the brick wall."

He said it appeared the driver had not managed to shut her car door properly when it happened, and got her hand caught.

She was taken to Blenheim's Wairau Hospital by ambulance, but her injuries were not serious.

Sergeant Single said the children were "well and truly" done up in car seats, and were not harmed.

"The people in the resthome were left unscathed so they were lucky all round really."