3 Jul 2015

Charges against top principal dropped

6:13 pm on 3 July 2015

A lawyer says assault charges against a top principal have been dropped because a judge ruled his ex-wife was out to destroy him.

Jeanne Denham accused her ex-husband Peter Clague of pushing her to the ground in 2010, but it wasn't until last year that she took a private prosecution.

Ms Denham's lawyer Marie Dyhrberg would not talk to Checkpoint.

Mr Clague was the principal of Auckland's Kristin School and is now the headmaster at a prestigious British school.

Judge David McNaughton dropped the charges today and said no properly directed jury would be able to convict Mr Clague.

Mr Clague's lawyer Mike Lloyd said his client was very happy at the outcome.

"Mr Clague, having endured this persecution of him for three years, is obviously delighted with the result," he said.

"He's really excited about the prospect of getting on with his life, and getting on with being a school leader and educator. That's what he does and he does it very well."

Mr Lloyd said any further action would be up to Ms Denham and her lawyer.