4 Jul 2015

Neighbours unhappy at Skypath approval

10:06 am on 4 July 2015

Neighbours living near the northern landing of Auckland's new SkyPath say they will probably appeal against its planning approval.

A graphic showing the entrance to the proposed walkway.

A graphic showing the entrance to the proposed walkway. Photo: Copyright © 2011 - 2014 Generation Zero Incorporated.

The Northcote residents said a clip-on pedestrian and cycle-way attached to the Harbour Bridge will ruin their tranquil neighbourhood.

They are unhappy about a number of aspects of the Skypath, which was given the go-ahead yesterday, but are most concerned about the thousands of people expected to use their quiet roads to access it.

Kevin Clarke, from the Northcote Residents Association, said he thinks they have a good chance of success with an appeal, based on the Resource Management Act.

He said according to the RMA, the Auckland Council can only approve plans like this in certain instances.

"If the effects are no more than minor, and the other is that the proposal is not contrary to the operative and proposed District Plan.

"I personally think it contravenes both, but I will say we'll take legal counsel on that."

Appeals have to be submitted within the next 15 working days.

'Fills a glaring gap'

Yesterday's approval of the Skypath plan was welcomed by a number of groups, including Cycle Action Auckland.

It's chair, Barb Cuthbert, said the SkyPath would fill a glaring gap in the city's cycle system.

"It's not just a way for tourists to enjoy the harbour.

Really, most importantly, what that decision sys is that this is closing what is a major transport gap in the cycling network."

She said there was huge excitement about the plan, and there will be mechanisms in place to deal with the extra people heading to Northcote.