20 Jul 2015

Rugby player wrongly suspended

7:30 pm on 20 July 2015

A Manawatu rugby player accused of yelling abuse at a referee will have all charges against him dropped after revelations he was not even at the game.

Jodie Ngarimu, of Feilding Rugby Club, was almost handed a two and a half year suspension after a referee wrote down the wrong name during the match last month.

Manawatu community rugby manager Martin Brady said the wrong person was cited. even though players at the game knew the wrong name had been recorded.

"The innocent victim in this - Jodie Ngarimu - I mean, what did he do? He did nothing and yet it's his name that's been sullied through the media and been given a suspension that he knew nothing about."

Mr Brady said the player would be cleared of the charges this Thursday, and another player would go before the judiciary.

Club president Sean O'Connor said figuring out who was in charge of the team sheet and whether any of the names were changed was a process of elimination.

Mr O'Connor said a player had come forward admiting involvement in the incident.