22 Jul 2015

Damage to Timaru rugby fields 'callous'

6:35 pm on 22 July 2015

A Timaru rugby club whose fields were ripped up by two cars doing skids and burnouts says hours of voluntary work have been ruined.

Rugby Ball

Timaru's Celtic Sportsground isn't in as good a shape as this turf now. Photo: 123rf

The police said two cars were spotted doing skids and burnouts on the Celtic Sportsground late on Saturday night.

People who witnessed the burnouts on the turf blocked the entrances to the sportsground, forcing the two drivers to flee on foot.

The pair were chased by police dogs but got away and the police then impounded the two abandoned cars.

Two males aged 17 and 18 have now turned themselves in to police, who are deciding what charges will be laid.

Celtic Rugby Club president Bede O'Driscoll said he was glad the drivers were finally taking responsibility for their actions.

But he said the fields were maintained by volunteers, so it was disappointing the pair have ripped them up.

"Pretty disappointed that somebody would be so callous to go down and rip up our fields," Mr O'Driscoll said.

"It's all voluntary work, it takes a lot of work to get them to where we have got them and, yeah, it's very disappointing."