24 Aug 2015

Inmate who died had asked for segregation

1:58 pm on 24 August 2015

A coroner's inquest has heard how an inmate found dead in his cell had asked to be segregated from a prisoner who had previously assaulted him.

Bradley Twidle, 20, was found dead in his cell at Christchurch Men's Prison in December 2013.

This morning, the inquest in Christchurch heard that Twidle was concerned for his safety after a man who was convicted of assaulting him was moved to the same prison.

A police officer told the court the inmate yelled out to Twidle, "You're dead and you're going to get what's coming to you".

Prison inspector Trevor Longmuir said a non-association order was in place at the time of Twidle's death, but the pair were in close proximity.